3 Steps to Envision & Create the Life You Want

1. Close your eyes and picture someone you love and care about. What do you wish for them? Write down what you see. Be specific! Now look at the list you wrote and circle the things you also want for yourself.

2. Look at the 7 areas of life.








Rate each of these areas on a scale of 1-5.

5 being equal to GREAT and 1 being equal to NOT great.

Ask yourself what in your life you would you like to be different one year from now?

Write it down! Then write down three actions you can take to move forward towards the life you want.

3.   Craft helpful, positive self-talk. Pay attention to the current thoughts that fill up your head. What have you been telling yourself that is not helpful. Or worse yet even harmful. Write down the 10 phrases that you find yourself saying that are hurtful to yourself and that you want to stop using. Now write out 10 phrases to turn these negative thoughts into positive helpful ones. Here's a tip and a phrase I use all the time when I want to reprogram my negative thought on the spot; "until now…" For example: I find myself saying "I can never remember names" as soon as I hear myself say it I replace it with "Until now. Now I consciously decide to remember names and it comes easily to me." If you find yourself saying "I'm no good at _________." Quick follow it up with "Until now. Now I am constantly getting better at _______________ every day."

Exercise: Have fun and get creative. Create a vision board for yourself. Cut out pictures, words, phrases, colors, images, textures, anything you want that represents your new vision for your life. Hang it up where you will see it regularly and let it inspire.