Change your thoughts in 90 seconds!

Listen up! News you can use: New neuroscience has proven that the brain only holds emotion for 90 seconds! That's right! It is our mind and our thoughts that feed it and perpetuate it, sometimes for years. We continue to tell ourselves the same story line over and over supporting the continuation of the feeling or emotion.

We habituate thought patterns wearing groves in our brain neural pathways. They become our default thoughts. For some this thought patterns have been reinforces for years or even a lifetime. You can make change! You can free yourself from the suffering of these negative thoughts that seems to rule your mind.

By re-training the mind and forming new thought patters and new neural pathways in the brain.

It takes only two things:

Consistent effort and time.

Presently your mind just falls into its default mode (auto-pilot) and the old patterns persist, but his can be changed! You can stop the suffering.

The longer you let it go unchecked the deeper the patters wear into the brain.

NOW is the time for change. It can be done.

You can find true happiness.

You can change your life with one decision.

To find your way onto the path of true happiness let me guide you as your coach.