How do you see others; and yourself?

As I see others I see myself.

This idea is powerful in the law of reciprocity and applies to both judgment and forgiveness, to acceptance and to separateness.
When we look at others and choose to see them as angry, cynical, rude, stupid, cruel and unworthy you are reinforcing those characteristic in yourself.
Instead choose to see others as kind, generous, curios, helpful, clever and worthy of respect as a fellow human being. And recognize these characteristics in yourself. When you see yourself in this way you will act from that place. From a place of connectedness to all people.
If you tend to judge others I would guess you are a strict judge of yourself. If you allow yourself to be more accepting of others you will see that you are able to be more accepting of yourself.
Make sure you are projecting the reflection you would like to see back and watch how everything changes.