Overcoming limiting beliefs

Is there something you would like to do but you hang back thinking "I can't"? Ask yourself "WHY, why do I believe I can't?" Then ask yourself, is this belief based on a fact or an assumption-a false conclusion? Be careful here, our minds want us to believe that our assumptions ARE facts. Our minds are masters and digging into the past and finding supporting data to our opinions and assumptions. Be real with yourself. Ask yourself if it is really true?!

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. Is there any rational reason for this belief?

2. Could it be I am mistaken in this belief?

3. Would I come to the same conclusion about another person in a similar situation?

4. Why should I continue to act and feel as if it were true if there is no good reason to believe it?

Look at your thought or belief from a neutral perspective and ask yourself "Is it a fact or is it just an opinion?" "Is it really true?"

Now go out there and do what it is you previously thought you couldn't!