Releasing Dark Thoughts

With every thought of darkness I release,

my mind is filled with light.

When you find you are experiencing persistent feelings of anger, toward a specific person or situation, or guilt about something you have done or thought, or resentment towards others or yourself, it is important to take note of these feelings. If you get stuck in these feelings and find it hard to let go or move beyond them perhaps it is a sign there is some unhealed area of your life that needs to be looked at so you can come to peace with it. This process first requires recognizing that these are just obstacles that you can move beyond.

1. RECOGNIZE that these persistent feelings are unresolved and take time to examine them. Acknowledge the feelings instead of pushing them down. Don't be afraid they can't hurt you unless you hang onto them.

2. DECIDE to heal them. You want to be happy not hold grievances, right? When has holding onto negative feelings ever made anything better? Discover in yourself the peace you need for healing. Remember when you hold anger for someone else it does not hurt them only you. Focus on what you DO want not what you don't want.

3. THINK healing and peaceful thoughts. Now that you have recognized the pain, decided to heal it, let the healing begin. Remember negative thoughts are toxic and lead to physical and emotional dysfunctions. Choose to replace negative thoughts with positive, healing ones. Choose forgiveness and allow yourself healing. As you let go of darkness, light will begin filling up your mind.