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Coaching with Renée is fun!

There are plenty of "How To" books, manuals, conferences, blogs, articles, classes etc. available today.
If you are seeking "How To" advice you can find it just about anywhere.
With all the "How To" information we can handle why don't "We DO"? Why are we all struggling so much? Do we really need another "How To" to tell us?
With all the advice out there why is our society the most obese, in debt, stressed out, over medicated, unhealthy, over-worked country in the world?
"How to's" have their place and can be useful, even helpful, if YOU FIRST are ready to use them.
What is standing in your way?
What is blocking you from your own greatness?
I start with you, where you are right now, and create the right space that is safe for you to build a climate within yourself ready to implement permanent and lasting change.

If this is what you want, this type of coaching is for you.

I Believe in You.

As your coach my whole focus is on you and your goals and desires. I coach without judgment or ulterior motives. Whatever your goal, whatever your dream I want to help you get there.  I want for you what you want for yourself.  I have total faith and commitment in you and the coaching process and relationship. I know you are strong, capable, amazing, dedicated, wonderful, creative, outstanding, resourceful and great. I believe you know yourself. Through the coaching process, if you are willing to shift your thinking, open to new perspectives, change habits, and follow your own wisdom, you will experience powerful outcomes.  
I believe in you.

I want to coach you!
As a certified wellness coach and life coach it is my duty to inspire you, support you, encourage you, guide you, create plans, processes and goals with you. Being a coach is not a job that can be done alone. In order for me to be a coach I need players! People who want to be encouraged, challenged to grow and who are looking for guidance and support.

If you want to be a player I want to be your coach!

As your coach I will help you find more fulfillment and bring balance to ALL seven areas of life.
I will help educate you and provide you with the road map and tools needed to make positive and lasting change.

You will take control of your life, your health and well being. I will be there to assist you every step of the way on your journey to living your FULL POTENTIAL.

Why I am a coach.

After college (with a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing) I spent over 15 years as a successful real estate agent. I built a thriving business earning numerous awards and was consistently ranked as a top agent in Tucson, Arizona. For the majority of my years in business I hired and worked with a personal business coach. I experienced firsthand the power of coaching.

In 2006 as a hobby, I became a competitive athlete. I ran races (mostly half marathons, marathons and ultra) and triathlons including Ironman. When I first started training and racing I hired a personal running coach and triathlete coach. When I was consistently winning races others started coming to me for training tips, advice, training plans, nutrition help and motivation. That was when I, the student, became the teacher. Again I experienced the power of coaching both as the client and the coach. It thrilled me to see those I coached achieve their goals and advance beyond what they thought they could do.

In 2008 I became a Certified Yoga Teacher and again was reminded of the immense joy I felt helping people reach beyond limiting beliefs and experience new perspectives both mentally and physically that they did not think were possible before. Shortly after starting my Yoga teaching I enrolled in additional training in mindfulness based techniques and added meditation teaching to my practice. Again people started coming to me for advice, help, motivation, direction and more. It was at that point I knew my calling was to be a coach.

Currently the United States does not govern the coaching industry. There are no requirements on training, education or certification. Essentially anyone can call themselves a coach. It was my purpose to bring real value and change to people and I wanted to have the knowledge to do that. I committed to earning not one but TWO certifications. I am a Certified Wellness Coach and a Certified Holistic Life Coach. After the completion of my certifications I officially opened my coaching business, Human Potential in 2012.

Learning about the power of the mind to control the body and how it affects stress levels, overall health and quality of life, I made the decision to pursue a doctoral degree in Transpersonal Counseling and Psychology. I earned my PhD and graduated in May of 2015. This advanced education (while I do not offer counseling services) has helped me to understand people, the mind and the sources and effects of motivation and inspiration. My coaching clients experience the benefits with my carefully crafted technique and approach to coaching.

Coaching is my calling.

I feel everything in my life has lead me to this point and
there is a reason you are here too.


PhD in Transpersonal Counseling
Certified Wellness Coach
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher
Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher
Graduate Metaphysical Practitioner
Ordained Minister